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How Pricing Works

  • Platform fee
  • 16 user licenses
  • 500 Move Requestors
  • Space Planning
  • Dashboards
  • Essential Reporting and more...
Purchase additional user licenses as needed, starting at $65 per month
Enhance Quantum AI with add-ons based on your organization's needs. Pricing varies
Get started with Quantum AI Workplace for as low as $1,670/month

Key Features

The onboarding process comes with an add-on service to upload CAD drawings into TRIRIGA which includes drawing cleanup, Polylining (as per BOMA standards) and attaching drawings with floors in TRIRIGA.

  • Comes with ready-to-use integrations using flat files enabling the customer to update, create, and retire existing portfolio data.
  • Provides scheduled data extractions in the form of a file to a pre-defined location.
  • APIs can be enabled for customers to read the Portfolio data.
  • Additional customer-specific fields and reports can be added.

Space Management

  • Space Request
  • Space Allocation
  • Space Assignment
  • Space Survey

Space Planning

  • Dynamic space planning
  • Stack planning.

Reservation Management

  • Reservation Request
  • Reservation Tracking
  • Reservation Approval

Move Management

  • Move Tracking
  • Move Request
  • Managing Moves

Key Benefits

Space optimization

Space optimization

Tailor space management strategies to meet the specific needs of each business, enabling agile responses to changes and promoting growth and success. By understanding unique space requirements, businesses can adapt quickly, optimize resource allocation, and stay competitive in dynamic environments, driving innovation and fostering sustainable development.

Real-time monitoring of occupancy levels

Real-time monitoring of occupancy levels

Create dynamic floor plans integrated with live data, ensuring accuracy in space measurements and delineation of individual boundaries. This interactive approach enables real-time updates and seamless navigation, enhancing space management efficiency and facilitating clear understanding of spatial layout for improved decision-making and resource allocation.

AI-empowered real time occupancy insights

AI-empowered real time occupancy insights

Enhance occupancy analysis by leveraging advanced analytics to detect anomalies and identify typical working schedules. Incorporate real-time data and predictive modeling to forecast trends, segment data for targeted insights, and engage stakeholders for feedback. Continuous improvement ensures optimal space management, supporting better decisions and improved schedule-based sharing initiatives.

Improve cost efficiency

Improve cost efficiency

Implement a strategic real estate optimization plan to reduce costs by reorganizing physical spaces for enhanced efficiency. Analyze utilization data to identify underutilized areas, repurpose space effectively, and streamline operations. This approach minimizes unnecessary expenses while maximizing resource utilization and productivity.

Streamlined access to workspaces

Streamlined access to workspaces

Implementing reservation management enhances the back-to-office strategy, empowering employees to request specific desk, office, and meeting spaces seamlessly. It allows organizations to optimize productivity and collaboration, while ensuring a smooth transition back to the workplace.

Automate operations with one platform for workplace and asset management.

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