IBM TRIRIGA is a comprehensive integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that provides solutions to process and manage data for space optimization, operations and maintenance, lease accounting, and capital planning for real estate and facilities management.

Benefits of IBM TRIRIGA

  • Allows organizations to capture, optimize, and analyze data for strategic space planning decisions.
  • Helps create the right workplace experiences.
  • Streamlines lease admin and accounting thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Allows better evaluation of the impact of potential financial disruptions.
  • Maximizes operations and maintenance efficiency.
  • Improves project cycle time, eliminates budget over-runs, and helps to proactively analyze project risks.
  • Helps identify opportunities to reduce carbon footprint.

How can Quantum Strides help?

Quantum Strides LLC is a leader in the IBM TRIRIGA technology specializing in solutions for Real Estate and Asset management, Capital Projects, Space & Move management, Operations & Maintenance and Sustainability.

Quantum Strides has helped several Fortune 500 organizations and Government entities with IBM TRIRIGA: