• Real Estate Management
    IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management Software helps you generate higher returns from real estate transactions, avoid lease penalties and overpayments and streamline lease accounting practices. It incorporates current lease accounting standards you can be up to date with industry best practices. And it helps real estate executives make more informed real estate decisions to reduce occupancy and operating costs.
    With IBM TRIRIGA real estate management solutions, finance and real estate executives can view the information they need to make decisions based on real estate transactions, consistent pre-built lease accounting controls, and automated lease payment reconciliation.
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  • Capital Projects
    IBM TRIRIGA delivers capital project solutions to manage capital, facility, and environmental projects. It identifies funding priorities within capital programs, analyzes project risks and financial benefits, and automates project management controls and alerts that are essential to deliver ad-hoc projects and programs. The Capital Project Management Software improves capital project planning and accelerates project schedules resulting in higher returns from capital projects and programs.
    It also helps to with:
    • Identify funding priorities within capital programs.
    • Reduce project schedule overruns.
    • Streamline project cost accounting.
    • Provides integrated processes and analytics.
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  • Facilities Manager (Space Management)
    IBM TRIRIGA centralizes and integrates critical facility management processes to manage a distributed workforce, increase the utilization of physical facilities, and configure an organization’s workplace. The IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager software identifies underutilized facilities and workspaces that can be used more effectively to help reduce costs. The software helps to increase facilities utilization and improves the effectiveness of a distributed workforce. It also provides move management capabilities for more efficient personnel and asset relocation.
    IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager provides:
    • Space measurement and audit tools that identify opportunities for better facility utilization and occupancy management.
    • Space use agreements and chargeback tools to increase departmental accountability for space use.
    • Move planning and management to streamline relocation processes.
    • Project administration features that track budgets, costs and schedules for more efficient facilities management.
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  • Facilities Maintenance
    IBM TRIRIGA Facility Maintenance Software products provide condition-based facility assessments. These assessments help you set priorities for capital improvements and can extend the life of your facilities. IBM TRIRIGA automates demand and preventive maintenance services, and improves service provider management to reduce the cost of maintenance operations. Facility assessment features track and evaluate building and asset deficiencies and help to identify opportunities to improve the environmental condition and extend the life cycle of real estate and facility assets.
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  • Environmental and Energy Management
    IBM TRIRIGA delivers energy and environmental tracking and management capabilities through the use of a single, comprehensive repository of an organization’s environmental data. This provides the means to measure and track energy and environmental performance, evaluate cost reduction and ROI for opportunities to reduce energy, investigate strategic performance improvements, and manage project implementation. IBM TRIRIGA Environmental and Energy Management Software products identify poorly performing facilities and then automate corrective actions. These products help accelerate implementation of the most popular tactics for achieving sustainability goals – whether it is facility maintenance, building retrofit projects or facility optimization.
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