IBM Guardium

Guardium is designed to help businesses monitor access to their data and take decisive action to respond to threats.

Key Highlights – How does Guardium work?

Monitor and audit all data activity

Guardium helps organizations improve their data security by leveraging analytics in the detection of unusual data access patterns.

Enforce security policies in real-time

From privileged user actions to sensitive data access, Guardium empowers security teams to monitor and enforce security policies in real-time.

Accelerate compliance workflows and audit activities

Guardium helps businesses to seamlessly aggregate and normalize audit data across their enterprise to support compliance reporting, correlation, and forensics.

Support heterogeneous environments

Guardium is compatible with all major databases or data warehouses like Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Teradata running on a wide range of operating systems including Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Readily adapt to changes in data environments

IBM Guardium Data Protection for Databases allows enterprises to create an agile environment that can easily adapt to frequent changes and scale in size of the effort.

Leverage the entire IBM Security Guardium solution

Deploying Guardium will allow a business leverage the entire IBM Security Guardium suite of solutions.

Benefits of IBM Guardium Data Protection for Databases

Analyze all data and gain visibility

Guardian seamlessly analyzes all critical data on a database and uncovers risks. This process is automatic and swift.

Address security challenges with structured data

Guardium addresses the typical challenges associated with structured data in databases. It provides holistic data protection for all kinds of data in a database or data warehouse.

Comprehensive protection for critical data

From insider threats to external attacks, Guardium offers protection for sensitive data via real-time capabilities. These real-time capabilities include monitoring, alerting, and compliance automation.

Quickly adapt to changing environments and requirements

IBM Guardium seamlessly handles changes within an organization’s IT environment from adding new users to securing new data sources. At Quantum Strides, our goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to help businesses leverage the best tools in the market to achieve cybersecurity maturity and resilience.