Human Resource Service Delivery

Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD)

Human Resource Service Delivery enables unifying employee experiences across organizations thereby helping employees to remain engaged, productive, and connected. This solution also helps organizations nurture a positive business culture and improve the quality of relationship between the employee and the organization.
Human Resource Service Delivery helps improve employee productivity by offering a unified work experience through enterprise-wide workflows.

The benefits of the HRSD solution include:

Human Resource Service Delivery

The features of this solution include:

Universal Requests Provides a unified employee service experience and boosts agent collaboration.
Case and Knowledge Management Standardizes documentation, interactions, and fulfilment of employee requests.
Employee Center Offers a single, unified portal for multi department service delivery.
Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions Delivers seamless employee experiences.
Native Mobile App Simplifies employee self-service.
Employee Journey Management Builds complete workflows across the enterprise to support employee journeys.
Performance Analytics Offers insights to help improve service experiences and agent workloads.
Virtual Agents Helps resolve issues faster and support employees 24/7 with intelligent chatbots.
Predictive Intelligence Categorizes general inquiries by combining machine learning and historical data.
Employee Document Management Provides a secure, unified view of employee documents from hire to retire.
Agent Workspace Improves agent efficiency.
Employee relations Helps manage sensitive employee requests and cases.
Alumni Service Center Allows employees to stay connected and engaged with former employees.
HR Agent Workspace Helps connect HR teams to the information they need most in a personalized workspace.