IBM Envizi

IBM TRIRIGA sustainability solutions helps manage buildings to encourage sustainability through the real estate lifecycle. This solution enables:
  • The inclusion of sustainability criteria in space acquisition
  • Prioritization of sustainability during the construction and renovation of buildings
  • Improve energy efficiency with green leases
  • Reducing wastage by integrating portfolio data
  • Attaining carbon footprint goals with space optimization
  • Extension of asset life through better maintenance and assessment

The benefits of sustainability solution include:

  • Allows implementation of green leases to unlock 11-22% of the building energy consumption within office buildings.
  • Enables incorporate the standard ESG and SLA objectives along with the terms into portfolio decision assessments.
  • Helps reach the carbon footprint goals with space optimization.
  • Allows optimization of operations through digital transformation of maintenance processes.
  • Helps identify planned capital projects for opportunities to target sustainability transformation.

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